Entering a temporary MALP code

According to the publisher, here are the necessary steps to find and enter a temporary code to access the MALP site:

  1. login to Blackboard and click on the Student Tools link;
    Student Tools Screenshot

  2. access the site through the MyLabsPlus Bridge in Blackboard;
    Student Tools Screenshot

  3. read/accept the license agreement — you will only see this the first time you login;
    License Agreement

  4. the site should then prompt you to either enter or buy an access code;
    Access Code Screenshot1

  5. click on the Temporary Access link on the lefthand side of the screen;
    Temp Access

  6. copy the temporary access code; Copy Temp Code

  7. click the Course Home link, click the access code radio button and enter the temporary access code; and
    Access Code Screenshot2

  8. you should see a confirmation screen similar to the one below.